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Open Education Week Webinar – 6th March

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting a lunchtime webinar as part of Open Education week:

Title: Topics in Open Education: what does Open Education mean in practice?

Date: 6th March, 1-2 pm

To join: Go to this link

photo: Andrei Ceru

We’ll be doing a couple of things in this session.  Firstly, we will be launching our Sustainable Texts: Disciplinary Conversations HEA/JISC project, and discussing some of the project ideas about OER practices with participants. Secondly, we will consider what Open Education might mean in terms of policy and practice within an institution.

Some of the types of questions we hope to consider are

  • Should all students in an institution have access to all VLE courses, in the name of openness?
  • How might OERs feature in external engagement work?
  • Can open resources foster links with the communities  beyond the university walls?
  • How can OERs help promote an institution’s work?

We hope that this will be a wide-ranging discussion about Open Education and, following the webinar, in order to sustain the conversation, we will operate a poll for the rest of the week exploring some of the topics raised in the discussion.


Sustainable Texts

Photo: Andrei Ceru

Welcome to the blog for the Sustainable Texts: Disciplinary Conversations OER  project, funded by the HEA/JISC and based at UCL. We’re passionate about texts and Open Education and in this project we’re aiming to accomplish several things.

Firstly, we will be building on work begun in an earlier project, CPD4HE, and we’ll be continuing to develop open resources for academic practice and CPD. In this case, our main resource will be an e-book of academics’ narratives, telling their stories about learning and teaching in their disciplines.

Secondly, we will be supporting institutional policy development in this area and encouraging conversations about OER practices.

Finally, we’ll be bringing together people interested in OER in order to create new links and interactions.

So, watch this space for further updates, resources and conversations.