Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time well spent at the Royal Mint

We attended a meeting of OER projects at the Royal Mint today and had some engaging conversations about our work that has really got us thinking. In particular, we spent about an hour with Dr Simon Ball from JISC TechDis, who volleyed a series of critical questions at us. (It felt a bit like being on BBC’s Newsnight without the sneers.) Having to respond to a set of thoughtful questions about the project has been hugely productive and we came away with new ideas about

  • our advisory group,
  • the writing of our ‘toolkit’ and
  • the broadening of our audience to include disciplinary specialists outside the institution.

Our enthusiasm has been newly minted.


Thoughts emerging from webinar

Yesterday we launched the project in our webinar Topics in Open Education as part of Open Education Week. We were really pleased with the participation and interest in the project. Issues emerging in the chat and discussion included

– alliance between Open Access research policies and OER

– an  interest in the disciplinary approach that this project is taking

– the potential for using e-books as a model for student writing and publication and the extent to which this could be linked to assessment practices. (In the project, we are using an e-book for the publication of academics’ narratives about learning and teaching in their discipline. But, we hope this could become a model for academics’ work with their students.)

Thanks very much to everyone who participated. The slides are available on our resources page and we’ll post the recording of the session soon.