Creating the eBook

Academic contributors:

We’ve been overwhelmed with support for our e-book on academic narratives about learning and teaching. The potential authors we approached were all keen to contribute and we’re now in the editing and organising stage. It’s nice work as David Lodge might say.

Workshop on eBooks:

We’ve also continued exploring possible formats for the book and, at the suggestion of our supportive ‘critical friend’ Teresa Connelly, we attended a workshop at the Open University last week on Educational Uses of eBooks and mobile learning. There were a number of inspiring case studies, and it was particularly helpful to hear the perspective of teachers who were teaching with eBooks.

Finding a format:

For some time now, we’ve been considering formats for our e-book of academic narratives. (The digital landscape has changed noticeably even during the course of this short project with applications such as iBooks Author, among others, appearing.) We want something that’s relatively simple to use,  elegant, capable of handling multimedia, and, of course, open. We’re trialling some software and formats and will have a final decision soon. (This aspect of the project will make an interesting mini-case study of its own, we think.)


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